Men’s Hair Care

Men’s hair care. Because men’s hair cuts are typically very short, they will need more frequent trims than women’s styles. Very short hair may look scraggly after only a couple of weeks, depending on the type of style. Depending on the individual levels of activity, men with short hair may not need to wash their hair daily, though if they participate in vigorous activities they should still do so. Styling may be very simple with few or no products required, and most men do not use any accessories except for a simple ponytail holder for longer hair. Although historically these cuts are mostly worn by men, some women have adopted some of the styles, such as buzz cuts. In the infamous movie, G.I. Jane, Demi Moore reached for clippers and gave herself what is known as a “burr cut” or an “induction cut”. This type of hair cut really saves you a lot of shampoo :) This is the same cut given to recruits in the US armed services for years.

Men are just as concerned as women about having an attractive haircut, but they do not want to spend much time each day arranging and preparing their hair. Because men’s hair is just as variable as women’s in terms of color, fineness, texture, curliness and other characteristics, it is important to find the right cut to accentuate a man’s best features. Face shape should be considered, as well as how the cut will look as it gets a bit longer. Men’s hair cuts may need to be scheduled more frequently than women’s, particularly for shorter styles that will look ragged and unkempt with even a slight bit of growth. Some men prefer longer hair styles, and they may choose to wear their hair in braids or ponytails if it is very long. While this can be an attractive style for many men, they should consider the potential for breakage and damage and be prepared to spend the extra time maintaining the style. Popular today with young African American men. The style is named for the natural pattern of tight waves and ridges that form a 360 pattern through the use of special pomades, brushing and sleeping in du rags. The style is specific to African American hair textures that tend to be tightly coiled or kinky. Men’s hair cuts may seem easy when compared to elaborate updos or other fancy styles, but a proper cut still requires basic considerations about the individual’s best features and activity levels. Men may have their hair cut at a salon or at home, depending on the difficulty, but in both cases regular and conscientious care is necessary to keep the do looking its best.


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