Fresh Spring Hair Styles

Hair styles for springSpring Hair Styles. Wavy hair of all lengths has been taking over magazine covers for spring. If your hair is naturally wavy, embrace its texture this season. “A lot of people are getting used to wearing their hair more natural rather than just pin straight,” says Mas’oud Houshmand. He suggests using a product that defines your wave and adds shine without looking oily, such as Shine Junkie by Bed Head, which goes on dry hair. Another secret to great hair is getting the right cut. So, make sure your hairdresser knows all of your tress foibles, because although a nasty cowlick can wreak havoc on bangs, it can easily be corrected with the right snipping technique. The second look that really stands out does just that because it’s big! A little Afro-esque and reminiscent of ’70s spice, it features curls and a touch of frizz in layered shapes, which creates round volume. If the hair has layers, just curl it with a one-inch or smaller barrel iron and comb it through with the fingers, and that’s the result you’ll get. For those who want an alternative to curls, sharp, super straight bobs are making a comeback ‘ where them chin length and graduate like Sienna Miller or slope them forward like Charlotte Church. There is still a lot of undercutting and overcutting in haircuts which works especially well with the current colour techniques to really show off your colour.

Heavy bangs have been in style for about a year, but Houshmand says they’re still one of the hottest trends for spring. “There’s going to be a lot of heavy fringes like Barbie used to wear,” he says. “It’s basically going to be rock-and-roll Barbie with a kick.” However, he assures, the look is still wearable. Ask your hairdresser which style of bangs best suits your face shape before taking the plunge. Making the big chop is always a popular move in the spring. One of the shorter styles that has become very mod is the shaggy layered ‘do recently made popular by film actress Sienna Miller. Graduated layers with long bangs offer a ….